Letter to Michael Medved

Your stubborness makes Disagreement Day be a fruitless day.


I disagree with Michael on what he said about the immigrants boycott last May.

I was brought here illegally when I was 15 years old by my parents. I didn't want to come to this country, but I really had no choice. (I wonder if you would call that "being a victim") I graduated from High School and, thanks to the new California Law, I was able to continue to college where I currently attend.  Now I'm in my mid 20's and still waiting for a "priority date" which by the way went back like 25 years...my family is here and I don't have a place or the means to go back to my country. So in a way the only thing I can do is continue studying... as long as I'm allowed.

When I first listened to your show I was inspired to be more aware of the events around me. I started to be more interested in Politics and enrolled in extra Political Science courses. I even felt like learning a new point of view of life, that was really inspirational; and again, "I'm not a victim" became some sort of mentality for me. I understood that "where there is a will, there is a way". Meaning, you can always try to change things around you, instead of just sitting around doing nothing.

 I can say I felt being stabbed in the back when you said that boycott "that is sooo ridiculous" with a pure air of pride. That day I turned off the radio greatly disappointed, that day I stoped being inspired by Mr. Medved, that day I understood why one should NOT take to the core what another man says...

PS: I don't even think you'll get to read this, you're too busy all the time. I just wanted to take this out of my chest.


Thank you,