JCataloger v1.0 beta

An archive program

Welcome to JCataloger

JCataloger is a program that you can use it for cataloging your archive CDs, DVDs, disk drives... For example you have a 1000 cd collection. You want to find a program that in the archive but you do not remember where it is. JCataloger helps you to find it. It stores the directory structure of your archive and indexes them. So you can search the file you want and JCataloger says where the file is. It is a useful program for archivers:).
It uses Apache lucene project for indexing in the background.

Feature List

  • Taking directory structure of disks are supported. So you don't need the disk to wander around directories. You can do it by the program.
  • Indexing directory structure is supported. So you can find what you want fast.
  • Searching in all disk images is supported. Individual search (i.e. one image, one directory) soon!
  • Case sensitive search is supported.Search capabilities will be improved (i.e. exact match, AND-OR, *.mp3...) soon!
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available, look at documentation.