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Weather Alert for the Johnson County Winter Match, Feb. 16-17

posted Feb 15, 2019, 6:13 AM by Jerry Haun

As of now, the Johnson County Qualifier is still on. However, with the anticipated storms we are expecting this weekend, we would like to accommodate all shooters by allowing extra traveling time if needed. Therefore:
- We will start the match at the regularly scheduled time.
- However, if you are scheduled to shoot in the first two relays and you have not arrived when we start that relay, we will not scratch you; instead, we will move you to a later time. We will be setting up additional lanes to allow for this. We have room to move shooters around and add additional relays if needed.
- If you are running late, we would appreciate a phone call to let us know, or, if possible, email us at The Facebook page may or may not be a reliable way to reach us immediately during the match.
- If the weather is so bad that we have to cancel, we will post it on our club website at:

We would like everyone to arrive safely. If you choose to make the trip, please drive with caution and don’t feel like you have to rush to get here.

Safe travels and looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday and Sunday!