Jill Burstein

About Me

I am the Director of Research for the Natural Language Processing Group in the Research Division at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey. My broad interest and research passion is how technology, and NLP in particular, can address global literacy. My more specific research interests span natural language processing for educational technology, automated essay scoring and evaluation, writing analytics, education policy, English language learning, and reading and writing research.  The intersection of my interests has led to these two applications: E-rater®, ETS' automated essay evaluation application, and the Language MuseTM Activity Palette --  a new classroom activity-generation tool under development targeting English learners. The "Palette" automatically generates language activities for classroom texts intended to support students' content comprehension.  Look for a new writing app, soon! I co-organize this yearly workshop (usually at NAACL or ACL): Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications (BEA) (with Joel Tetreault,  Claudia Leacock & Helen Yannakoudakis).   Sign up for the BEA newsletter here.

My research focus targets designing NLP-centered systems for the service of learning. I have significant experience managing system design from the early idea stages through product deployment. I am convinced that working with users from the very early stages is essential, and this is also one of my favorite aspects of building systems. In this regard, I have enjoyed spending a lot of time collaborating with educational practitioners in K-12 and higher education in the development of innovative educational  technology solutions that address literacy issues in reading and writing.

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