The Proposals -Plans for A494 roads

Please DO NOT TELL ANYONE that a further huge tract of road-widening is planned where this road joins up with the A55 at Northop/Ewloe. This, and all the similar schemes planned for the A55 dual-carriageway towards Bangor are supposed to be a secret  -Its MOST IMPORTANT that folk who live in those parts don't find out!

Click on the links below to see official drawings plans of the proposals for our roads.

These are quite large files and each one will take a short time to down-load.  

Ewloe Green-St Davids Park -Click

Carlines Park -Click

Aston-to-Plough Interchange -Click

Plough Interchange-to ASDA-Queensferry Click

Queensferry (Centre) Click

Queensferry-River Dee     -Click

Overall location Click


"This road is NOT a motorway" !

...come off it!

Have a look at the "official" drawings and decide for yourselves. Each dotted line across the motorway strip represents the lane of a carriageway (I think!). Also, there will be "hard shoulders", constructed to the same spec as the carriageways -though when questioned at the Welsh Assembly as to just how wide this road was to be, the (at the time) Transport Minister, Andrew Davies forgot to mention them...

Our chums at North Wales Police can show NO EVIDENCE of effective speed enforcement on this section of road at the present time. Continental, left-hand drive juggernaut HGV's exceed the 50mph limit daily. Apparently, chasing them just to serve a speeding notice to a driver from an indecipherable address in eastern europe and who can't speak Welsh or English, would take up a lot of police time. And add nothing to the fixed-penalty coffers, to which the ordinary folk of Deeside regularly contribute.

Transport Wales say they are determined to raise the speed to 70 mph on these roads -and our police chums have not raised any objection.