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From the river Dee through to Holyhead, the A494/A55 is the principal “trunk” road across N Wales. If you live anywhere near this road, this issue will effect you SOON!

Information released by Transport Wales at various times, when seen in totality  confirms that the latest proposals to widen and re-route the A494/A55 dual-carriageway -are just the first stages of a much grander scheme!

Do YOU think the A494/A55 needs widening?

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"It is time to speak your truth
Create your community
Be good to each other
And do not look outside yourself for the leader."

-Old Hopi Indian proverb



Current thinking by elected “Networks” Supremo, Andrew Davies and his staffers at Transport Wales is that our A55 dual carriageway needs “improving”.

What they really mean is that they want to build a hi-speed super-highway to virtual UK “motorway” standard -from the river Dee through to to Holyhead. Here is an extract from their May 2006 literature...

If these proposals go ahead unchallenged, the diggers will set to work very soon and the best of our rural countryside will have years of disruption during the building and a legacy of polution and noise on ccompletion as an expensive ever widening swathe of asphalt raceway is foistered upon us. An addition to those in the direct path of this disruption, thousands of ordinary Welsh residents want some questions answered NOW!

Many of those who live along and regularly use the A494/A55 corridor for commuting and shopping consider the present “dual-carriageway”, already to be a compromise far enough. So why is Transport Wales obsessed with widening adequate highways in the guise of “improvements”; changes, so radical, that in all but name, they would result in a vast, full-blown motorway across the Principality?

What is their fascination with proposals that  will only serve the demands of mega-retailers, ambitious civil-servants and the European road-transport lobby?

It gets worse.

The upheavals brought about by recent changes and reforms in Welsh constitutional affairs make it difficult enough for ordinary folk to determine accountability and stay informed. Responsibility for road transport in Wales now is a hugely fragmented affair -beyond the comprehension of most of us. Its a situation that invites exploitation by those who seek to impose by stealth and ommission what they might otherwise have to debate and justify to be in our best interest.

So who is responsible for policies concerning all Welsh roads?

In addition to the interests of Local authority, Transport Wales, UK National government -and directives issued by our good chums in the European Parliament we now have to take into account that private companies -with no requirement to account directly to the electorate yet often with their own civil-engineering agendas- have been co-opted to set up feasibility studies and appraise public opinion.

Little wonder that instead of thoughtful, intelligent co-operation and compromise that typifies the best of our Nation, we now have in Transport Wales, a catalogue of confusion, sceptiscm -and a groundswell of public resentment.

The good honest, people of N Wales deserve better than this. We are an adaptable people -smart, resourceful -and passionate! Of course, we accept the challenges of our times -but we do so with sensitivity and responsibility.

It is our prerogative to question anything that intrudes on our rural heritage, personal amenity and well-being. And we must be accept the need for change and for compromise. But whatever is ultimately done in our name  must be done with total transparency of intent and consultation throughout the process.

Deeside to Holyhead, if the neighbours around you are not yet aware -please tell them about any proposals you might hear about, that would recklessly carve up our countryside and change the streets and lanes that YOU cherish.

Lend whatever support YOU can to stop high-volume, non-resident HGV traffic racing through our, presently  charming and safe rural roads.

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