Public Inquiry-A494
Moment-of-truth for Transport Wales bosses?

BREAKING NEWS!  Tuesday 16 October 2007


At the close of the public inquiry, in response to a question from the audience Inspector NEIL TAYLOR announced that his recommendation to the TRANSPORT MINISTER at the Welsh Assembly will be made during January 2008.


Friday September 21 

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Listen now to CARL SARGENT AM as he "reads-in" his evidence to inquiry inspector Neil Taylor followed by a defining cross-examination by Transport Wales barrister Milwyn Jarman Q.C.              Click here


September 10

I have, at last, (10 September 07) been able to extract some information from our chums at Transport Wales on the budgets and breakdown of costs of this Inquiry. 
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The Inspector will make his recommendation direct to Assembly Transport Supremo, Ieuan Wyn Jones/Deputy First Minister.

If you would like to make your own further comment direct to IWJ click here..  Contact Ieuan here


Here are the arguments that the OBJECTORS have presented to the inquiry... 

  • Determination of number of extra lanes is suspect.
  • Air Quality data supplied by FCC is too reliant on "modelling" and does not take into account most recent findings in respect of "PM2.5" airborn diesel fume particles.
  • Traffic counts/Vehicle type are unreliable -and take no account of HGV convoys travelling after midnight.
  • Alternative routes have not been properly considered.
  • Potential risks for health of school children, shoppers and office workers have not been properly appraised and discussion on health concerns has been suppressed.
  • Full consultation with highway enforcement agencies has not taken place.
  • Local Authority highway requirements have been brushed aside.  

Many people now feel that this inquiry -although essential before the go-ahead for any proposals- should have been postponed, pending a comprehensive, integrated review of all the latest options and suggestions for alternative routes.

These would need to be properly exhibited on one big map. Then everyone who would be effected along the route,

Flint- Mold- Queensferry- Aston- Buckley- Saltney- Broughton ...could have a fair opportunity to see the "big-picture" -and make thoughtful appraisal and considered comment.

However, for reasons best known to themselves, Transport Wales have insisted that, regardless of cost, this inquiry must go ahead on the basis of their ORIGINAL proposals!


For each week that the Inquiry ran it cost £82,705

Remember it's OUR money and taxes that are paying for this!





In the light of most recent reports on Health-Impact and environmental harm caused by high-speed road transport, it is just possible that a dramatic NEW political initiative might overtake events....