01-Introduction to Blender

Homework required in preparation for this lecture

  • Minimum Viable Product - team deliverable
    • Make a second revision of the landing page for your product
    • ensure that you have a very specific question you are testing. 
    • Preferably it's something that your team has argued over and has not yet decided about, like a name
    • Make 3 variants, with distinct looks that pass the '50 foot test'
    • One of them should collect some information from the user using a form
    • Make sure they work, and are pretty fast otherwise you won't collect good dat
    • Take steps to generate at least 500 hits of any kind. 
    • You can use Pito and Tim's or people on other products help to get the link viewed. Just send us the link.
    • Deliverable: The 3 variants and the statistics and an analysis of why
  • Prepare for Blender lecture
    • download Blender 2.58a from http://www.blender.org
    • install it on your computer
    • create a blenderhw folder
    • create a domino game, store the .blend in your blenderhw folder and upload it to github