One Page Summary of the program

Welcome to JBS 2011 - Mobile and Gaming. This one page is a summary of the whole program which was completed on July 21, 2011. Check here for a complete site map.


The program ran for 8 weeks during the summer of 2011. We had 14 students (under graduate and graduate) and three teachers.

For each of the 8 weeks, we met from 10:00am until 4:00pm, with lectures in the morning and work on the incubator projects in the afternoon.

The program represents 3 full Brandeis courses: Mobile Development, Game Development and Product Incubator.

Incubator Application: Happy Tracks

  • First social media application to log emotions biased on geolocation 
  • Log your emotional places on "mymap" for personal reflection or share with friends
  • Discover something new and interesting where ever you go biased on the global map 
  • Learn about the emotion of your surroundings

Team: Taha Bakhtiyar, Jared Dunn, Todd Kirkland, Sahar Massachi, Joseph Soued

The Incubator

From a pre-meeting before the course actually kicked off, through the first 2 days of the class, the student's brainstormed a set of about 40 product ideas and then voted and traded until 3 teams of students were formed, with 4, 5 and 5 students each. Here is the list of the original half baked ideas.

From that day - before they really had any idea how to create an Android mobile product, until the very last day of the course, the teams worked and worked and worked, applying what they were learning during the lectures and on their own to creating 3 products!

They also received instruction on effective oral communication techniques and practiced those skills every week giving product presentations leading up to the Final Product Presentations in the last week.  That event was attended by 80 members of the Brandeis community in addition to 8 invited judges from the local mobile software and game design industry.

Incubator Application: Giraffe Adventure

  • 2d side scrolling game about a giraffe 
  • giraffe's neck swings and destroys obstacles 
  • custom graphics, music, physics and gameplay
Team: Michael Winerburg, Michael Feld, Anna Suiter, Artem Malyshev, Jeremy Croll

Incubator Application: Vogueable

  • Interact with the new Item Catalogue
  • Allow Vogueable to figure out your style and recommend items accordingly
  • Includes links to buy items and a wishlist to store items you might want in the future 

Team:  Jackie Benowitz, Gaspar Obimba, Yulia Tolskaya , Violetta Soued