J O N    M O R G A N
Ph.D. student
Dept. of Philosophy
The University of Texas at Austin
jbrinkmorgan [at] utexas [dot] edu

Perception of an object costs
Precise the Object’s loss—
Perception in itself a Gain
Replying to its Price—

The Object Absolute—is nought—
Perception sets it fair
And then upbraids a Perfectness
That situates so far—

-Emily Dickinson

R E S E A R C H     I N T E R E S T S

I'm interested in perception. Much of my work focuses on:

(1) the nature and scope of perceptual representation;
(2) whether and to what extent we should explain perceptual experience in terms of representation;
(3) the cognitive-epistemic role of perceptual experience; and
(4) naturalistic theories of intentionality.