Joint Boards of Selectmen for the Towns of Ayer, Harvard, Shirley, and the Community of Devens.

POSTED: JBOS meeting: 7:30 PM, Thursday, March 26, 2015, 

at the Harvard Town Hall

* Note: This meeting is starting 30 minutes later than usual.



Chairman: Ron Ricci ~ Vice Chair: Gary Luca

7:30 Call to Order. Chairman’s remarks.

7:35 Introduction of Devens Senior Vice President Thatcher Kezer.

7:50 Presentation by Ed Starzec: MassDevelopment’s revised proposed zoning changes to Chapter 498, comments received, and actions taken by MassDevelopment in response.

8:10 Treasury update/Approve Minutes/Accept administrator’s resignation.

8:20 New Business.

8:25 Public Comment.

8:30 Adjourn.


 Agendas are posted on this website and also posted at Harvard, Ayer and Shirley Town Halls, and at MassDevelopment.  

JBOS meets at 7 PM on the fourth Thursday of each month (not to be confused with the last Thursday). Meetings are open to the public.  

For more information:
  • Please contact your Ayer, Harvard, or Shirley selectmen, or your Devens Committee members.
  • Please contact for website, mailing list, contact information, archive needs or any other administrative questions or to leave your  comments. 
  • Read local news stories:  Ayer Public SpiritHarvard Hillside, Shirley OracleHarvard Press and Lowell Sun
  • Watch JBOS meeting videos on the Ayer website.  JBOS meetings are recorded by APAC. 

Quick links:  Most of the Towns have their Board of Selectmen Agendas, Minutes and Calendars on different pages.  To save you the navigation time, the links are posted below:

JBOS Mission Statement (updated 2010):


 The JBOS will coordinate the response of the Towns to continuing issues related to the redevelopment and reuse of the former Fort Devens. 


  The JBOS will provide advice and information to elected officials, on behalf of the Towns and the Devens Committee, regarding issues that may impact reuse or operations of Devens.



 The JBOS members will attempt to develop shared services within the area comprised of the towns of Ayer, Harvard, Shirley and the Devens Regional Enterprise Zone (DREZ).




 The JBOS will encourage a sustainable job-creating environment within the Ayer, Harvard, Shirley and DREZ region. 



 The JBOS will work towards a recommendation for the permanent structure of governance for Devens by the year 2015. 


30 Second Background:  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Towns of Ayer, Harvard, Shirley and the Community of Devens are located in the Greater Boston/Central region.  
The JBOS was formed in 1991 in order to coordinate the response of the Towns of Ayer, Harvard and Shirley to continuing issues related to the closing and reuse of Fort Devens.  (1994 MOU)  The Devens community was created by the Commonwealth in 1994 when the former Fort Devens (1917-1996) was closed.  Devens is also referred to as the DREZ (Devens Regional Enterprise Zone).  For primary source information, please explore the sidebar for JBOS collection of historical documents.

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JBOS Administration
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