Under construction.  I arrived on the 6th of June and have been very busy.
Funny how things happen.  When they closed the warehouse where I had been working in Phoenix I was unemployed.  I sent out dozens of resumes.  Finally got an answer from a resort in a Wyoming Grand Teton resort.  But that fell through because they didn't have a place where I could  park my trailer.  So I kept sending out resumes.  Just before my unemployment was set to run out I received an invitation to go to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  After I had been working there for a couple of years some University students from Croatia came to work in the cafeteria that I was working in.  One of them came from the Croatian town of Selce on the Adriatic coast.  Her name was Nina.  When she found out that my last name is Bolf she told me the one of her father's best friends was a Bolf.  And that this Bolf knew the history of our name!!!!