Old McDonald's Farm                               

This is an Android app that I created as a side project after I started it for a mobile development class. There is currently a free and paid version of the app on the Android Market. It is designed to help parents teach their young children to relate the pronunciation of an animal's name, with its spelling, picture, and the sound it makes. The paid version has twice as many animals (30) and also contains an additional quiz mode. The free version and the quiz version both have the primary mode of the app. This mode allows children to swipe left and right through all the animals and press a button to hear the animal's name pronounced by a friendly voice followed by the sound that animal makes. The quiz mode in the paid version chooses 10 of the 30 animals for a round. It is designed for the parent to play with the child and the parent to click either the 'Correct' or 'Incorrect' button depending on whether or not the child gets the question correct. The 10 animals are chosen at random, however, the algorithm that chooses the animals gives a higher weight to animals that are frequently missed (this is later decreased if the child gets the animal correct). I hope to add a feature to deselect animals (if a particular animal's picture scares a child), a mode to spell out the animal's name (and potentially a corresponding quiz mode), as well as a 'Solo Quiz' mode for a child to say the name of the animal into the device utilizing Google's built in speech-to-text software to determine if the answer was correct or not. This mode is pending testing with children to make sure that the speech-to-text interpretation can handle synonyms as well as the most common misinterpreted words. The free version of this app currently had over 2,000 downloads before I took it down after starting at Microsoft.

Ultimate App

This is also an Android app that I created for an independent study class. It allows a user to create and track the stats of multiple ultimate frisbee teams. It tracks four basic stats for this sport. The user can create and manage teams, concurrently add and view stats for a single game, commit those stats from a single game, and view a team (as well as all of its players) individual stats. This app was just recently uploaded to the android market and can be found here.

Next Big Mobile

This is a mobile web app and corresponding native android app that I have helped develop as part of my Senior Project. It is a mobile version of the free portion of the Next Big Sound website. This project will first involved implementing a mobile web app. Once the mobile web app was ready for release I began developing a prototype for a native Android app while other team members began working on a prototype for a native iOS app. The mobile web app has yet to be realeased. The android app will be coming to market soon.