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Kortulu - Defenders of the Faith

Kortulu Village, a small village on a small island in a small lake fed by a small river flowing into a small valley surrounded by a small mountain range. Or at least that's how anyone who lived outside it would describe it, but for the hundred or so inhabitants of Kortulu Village, it is the only home they have ever known. They know nothing of dwarves and elves, swords and horses, or paladins and war. They know hunting, fishing, and gathering. They know of love, family, duty, and dedication. All but one that is; one villager knows of a story, an epic tale of war, strife, loss, futility, and escape. He knows the history of his people; passed down from parent to child for a thousand years until only he remains as the sole bearer of the knowledge that could save the world, but this is not his story; not his alone.

A thousand years ago, a thousand survivors of a holy war between the Believers; a group of devout warriors; and the Renouncers; an army following The Dragon Generals; traveled to an island surrounded by mountains and sealed off the only pass to or from the island. Over the thousand years of isolation all but a select few have forgotten the old ways and have also forsaken the gods. Now only one Believer remains; Mordeci, taught by his father to follow the path of the warrior and protect the hidden temple that contains their greatest enemy, the last Dragon General; Chernobog.

10 Years ago, a group of children from the island unleashed Chernobog and he has rampaged unchecked since. Too young to understand what they had done or to do anything about it, Mordeci called upon the gods for aid and they answered; the children fell into a deep slumber where they were magically aged into the adults they would have been and now, 10 years later, the 8 children responsible and Mordeci as the final Believer must go forth into the world and stop Chernobog. 

This game is played by 9 players with partially pre-made characters.

Liam 'The Accumulator' - Brent

Oshram 'The Animal' - Brian

Perl 'The Beholder' - Tiffany

Sara 'The Healer' - Josh

Shevarash 'The Retaliator' - Barry

Singer 'The Emulator' - Rick

Syd 'The Defender' - Paul

Ulric 'The Variable' -  Justin

Vera 'The Detective' - Gina

Deceased Characters

Mordeci 'The Master' - Barry

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