JB's Trading Site

I collect Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots cards, with a particular focus on:

1) Red Sox mini cards (Allen & Ginter, Gypsy Queen, Topps 206, etc)
2) Framed Relics and Autographs from those same sets
3) Refractors of Red Sox and Patriots
4) Red Sox Autographs 

That being said, I will look at anything from the Sox or Pats. 

A couple notes about trading:

1) I generally trade BV for BV. The exceptions being low-numbered cards or prospect cards that Beckett hasn't caught up to yet. 
2) That being said, I don't live and die by BV, especially if you have something I really want. 
3) For low-end trades (i.e. $5 or less), I will generally send in a PWE, with a non-machinable stamp. Feel free to do the same, but please make sure you protect the card(s) appropriately. 

And most importantly...

4) This is my hobby, and a way to relieve stress. I try to reply to posts and PM's in a timely manner, but my family and job come first. Please be patient. If we have already agreed to a trade, I will send it out in the next day or two (usually the next day).