Professional Jazz Reception Band In Israel

Looking for jazz band for reception in israel? that's the place for you.  We do receptions and background music for weddings, bar mitzvas and all sort of parties.

"Pri-Hadar" (citrus fruite) is a group of professional musician located in the green north of israel.  Dedicated to Jazz and honor Israeli music.  Both together inspire our playing.  Jazz standarts along side with jazz arrangement of the best Israeli popular and folk music.  The soundscape is wide and overwhelming surely is an essential part the event.  The warmth of the music will lift the spirits and turn up the smiles while orchestrating the gathering of the attendees.

This is the right entertainment for everyone!

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שלישיית ג׳אז

Wedding and Bar Mitzva's Jazz band

טריו ג׳אז לאירועים

HIre a professional musicians and book in advance your jazz reception band.  
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