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Thursday, January 5, 2017

8 am – 4 pm Registration (Narthex Gallery)

9 am – 3:30 pm
 Table-top displays (Narthex Gallery)

9:30 – 10:30 am    
Panels (3)

Social Media: The Artist’s Perspective
Artists with a hands-on approach to social media discuss how they deal with the ever-changing landscape – from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to Vine, Periscope and whatever’s next.
Moderator: Matt Jurasek (DL Media)
Panelists: Marcus Baylor; John Chin; Gerald Veasley; Ben Wendel
(Sanctuary on LL1)

What Does it (Really) Mean to Be a Woman in Jazz? (Presented by Local 802, AFM)
This panel discussion will focus on women’s issues and the music industry including: Coming Up (As a Woman) in the Music Business; How to Get Things Done in a Male Dominated Field; Inspiration and Women in the Arts; Recognizing and Demanding Your Worth on the Music Scene.
Moderator: Diane Moser (The New School)
Panelists: Nicki Parrott (Les Paul); Carol Sudhalter (Astoria Big Band); Brianna Thomas (Wycliffe Gordon); Rachel Z. (Trio of Oz, Wayne Shorter)
(Living Room on LL1) 

Indie Label Roundtable: Indies' Rise in Changing the Shape of Popular Culture
Major labels were always the dominant force in driving the popular music agenda. In recent years, indie labels have gained not only a voice but has a grabbed a large percentage of record sales—including physical, digital and streaming. So how can we all be part of the newfound importance and market share of independent music? We’ll explore resources, methods, new and innovative approaches to join the rising wave of independent music.
Moderator: Dan Ouellette (DownBeat/ZEALnyc)
Panelists: Richard Burgess (A2IM); Jana Herzen (Motema); Greg Pasenko (Blujazz); Francois Zalacain (Sunnyside)
(The York Theatre on LL2)

10:45 – 11:45 am Panels (3)

Alternative Spaces for Presenting Jazz
From house concerts to corporate events, unique opportunities for gigs can be found beyond the usual club and festival circuit. This panel helps artists and reps think outside the booking box.
Moderator: Gail Boyd (Gail Boyd Artist Management)
Panelists: Gerri Abrahamsen (DCA Productions); Bruce Labadie (San Jose Jazz); Viola Plummer (Sistas’ Place); Andy Rothman (Detroit Groove Society)
(Sanctuary on LL1)

Jazz Documentaries: The New Wave
There is a wealth of documentaries on jazz subjects in the last few years. What are the factors behind this rise and what are the continuing challenges? Who are the producers behind these efforts and what is each doing to stand out from the crowd? Hear from the directors behind many of these documentaries, and watch clips from this exciting new crop of films.
Moderator: Ashley Kahn (JazzTimes/NPR)
Panelists:  Stephanie Castillo (Thomas Chapin/Olena Media); Kasper Collin (Lee Morgan); Carol Friedman (Abbey Lincoln/Dominick Films); Sam Pollard (Max Roach)
(Living Room on LL1)

Producers Roundtable
Producers active on the jazz scene talk about what it takes to make a good record great in a time when recording budgets are tighter than ever.
Moderator: John Beasley
Panelists: Brian Bacchus; Todd Barkan; Terri Lyne Carrington; Michael Cuscuna (Mosaic Records); Matt Pierson (Sony Masterworks)

(The York Theatre on LL2)

Workshop: Bringing Jazz to Young Audiences
Artists and organizations discuss the challenges and rewards of programming jazz for children of all ages.
Moderator: Melissa Walker (Jazz House Kids)
Panelists: Michael Albaugh (Webop/Jazz at Lincoln Center); Ted Chubb (Jazz House Kids); Oran Etkin; Ali Jackson; Brandy Wood (WBGO)
(The Music Room on LL2)

12:15 -1:45 pm Keynote and Stories of Inspiration

Keynote and Stories of Inspiration

Introduction: Mario Garcia Durham (APAP)
Keynote Presentation: Maria Schneider
Bruce Lundvall Visionary Award to Christian McBride presented by George Wein
Solo Spots: Dorthaan Kirk; Rudresh Mahanthappa
In Memoriam Tribute: Music by Ike Sturm
(Sanctuary on LL1)

2:00 – 3:30 pm Panel (Presented by the Music Business Association)

Music Industry Reboot: A Fresh Look at the Way Music is Bought, Sold and Consumed

First CDs overtook vinyl, then music downloads overtook CDs, now streaming is overtaking downloads and vinyl is back in a big way. What’s going on and how do we stay ahead of the curve to have our music in front of the right people at the right place during the right time? These top level executives will dive into the data and discuss where the industry is going from here.
Moderator: James Donio (Music Business Association)
Panelists: Russ Crupnick (Music Watch); Jim Lidestri (Border City Media); Larry Miller (NYU Steinhardt); Silvio Pietroluongo (Billboard)

(Sanctuary on LL1)


2 pm – 3 pm       Workshop: Basics in Jazz Journalism (Presented by the Jazz Journalists Association)
Journalistic basics provide reliable information: The "who, what, where, when, why" of an event. Criticism requires contextual information, analysis and judgment. Members of the Jazz Journalists Association present a workshop on how to combine all the elements in writing, broadcasting, photography and videography on every platform to advance the buzz about jazz.
Moderator: Howard Mandel (Jazz Journalists Association)
Panelists: Stephanie Castillo (Olena Media); Laurence Donohue-Greene (New York City Jazz Record); Mark Ruffin (Sirius/XM)
(The York Theatre on LL2)

3:15 pm -4:15 pm  Vocalists Panel: Finding Your Focus
Singers and industry vets discuss how artists can stand out in a field that’s often overcrowded.
Moderator: Roseanna Vitro
Panelists: Seth Abramson (The Jazz Standard);  Kate McGarry; Catherine Russell; Bria Skonberg
(The York Theatre on LL2)

3:30 – 5:15 pm  Reception sponsored by Mack Avenue Records

(Living Room LL1)

5 pm – 6:30 pm  Ask the Experts Networking Session
Members of the jazz community get the opportunity to meet face-to-face for 10 minutes with influential and experienced industry leaders representing these issue areas: Labels/Recording/Product Management; DIY Management/Fundraising; Marketing/Social Media; Publicity/Promotion; and Presenting/Booking/Touring.  Sign up at registration area. There are limited slots available.
(Sanctuary on LL1)



Friday, January 6, 2017

8 am – 2 pm  Registration (Narthex Gallery)

9 am – 3:30 pm  Table-top displays (Narthex Gallery)

9:30 – 10:30 am    
Panels (3)

Community Engagement for Presenting Jazz
Presenters and civic leaders discuss how to build civic and corporate partnerships and build local coalitions to expand the awareness of jazz.
Moderator: Marty Ashby (MCG Jazz)
Panelists: Ann Meier Baker (NEA); Don Lucoff (PDXJazz); Terri Pontremoli (Tri-C JazzFest Cleveland); Brendan Rawson (San Jose Jazz)
(Sanctuary on LL1)

Spotlight on Jazz in Israel (Presented by Israel's Office of Cultural Affairs in North America)
A cross-section of jazz industry professionals from Israel discuss the unique aspects of the jazz scene there.
Moderator: Wulf Müller (OKeh/Sony)
Panelists: Eli Degibri; Aviad Ivri (Israeli Consulate, New York); Dubi Lenz (Red Sea Jazz Festival); Oded Lev-Ari (Anzic Music); Barak Weiss (Tel Aviv Jazz Festival)
(The York Theatre on LL2)

Jukebox Jury  (Presented by JazzWeek
A panel of radio program and music directors will hear previews of unreleased new jazz recordings and weigh in on whether they would add them to their station's on-air music rotation. See and hear jazz radio programmers as they give you a glimpse of what makes a recording work on the radio.
Moderator: Brad Stone ( Radio)
Engineer: J Hunter ((WVCR)
Panelists: Russ Davis (Voice of America/MOJA Radio); Bill Ewell (WSLR); John Zimbrick (WBAA)
(Living Room on LL1)

10:45 – 11:45 am  Panels(3) 

Presenters Learning From Each Other
Presenters discuss the value of sharing resources and ideas both formally through coalitions or networks and informally through attending and observing other events.
Moderator: Yvonne Ervin (Tucson Jazz Festival/Western Jazz Presenters Network)
Panelists: Danny Melnick (Absolutely Live Entertainment); Tim Jackson (Monterey Jazz Festival); Sunny Sumter (DC Jazz Festival); Cory Weeds (Coastal Jazz & Blues)
(Sanctuary on LL1)

Creating Demand to Maximize Media Placement
(Presented by ASCAP)
Music is used more than ever in all types of media, whether in TV, film, advertising or web related programming. However, there is more and more music being offered for consideration, which has created a very cluttered marketplace. This session examines ways to differentiate your music and make it stand out from the pack for top consideration from media outlets to expand your revenue opportunities and heighten your professional and public profile.
Moderator: Michael Todd (ASCAP)
Panelists: Mike Boris (Mike Boris Music); Amy Crawford (Man Made Music); Chuck Loeb
(The York Theatre on LL2)

ukebox Jury From the Inside Out (Presented by JazzWeek)
A companion session to the Jukebox Jury panel, this follow-up with radio programmers will dig into individual tracks more deeply. There will be time for more detailed discussion on what makes a jazz recording work for the diverse jazz radio audience, which can range from avid fans to casual listeners.
Moderator: Kayonne Riley (WUCF)
Engineer: J Hunter (WVCR)
Panelists: Jeff Duperon (WRTI); Arturo Gomez (KUVO); Mark Ruffin (Sirius/XM); Jae Sinnett (WHRV); Linda Yohn (WEMU)
(Living Room on LL1)

12:00 – 1:30 pm Panel
Direct-to-Fan for Income Maximization
You’re leaving money on the table! Fans are willing to pay different amounts to hear and see their favorite acts. We often make the mistake of offering a one-size-fits-all product that leaves fans willing to pay more, but we don’t ask them. In the era of slicing and dicing data, we could have more information than ever before about what our fans might be willing to pay. Here are some strategies to maximize your income per fan.
Moderator: Dick Huey (Toolshed)
Panelists: Carlos Cabrera (Patreon); Brian Camelio (ArtistShare); Justin Spindler (Music Glue)
(Sanctuary on LL1)

12:30 pm – 1:45 pm  Basics for Radio Promotion (JazzWeek Workshop)
Jazz radio continues to make an impact for artists who want to promote their careers and records, but there are many components to a successful radio campaign. A panel of jazz radio promotion experts will discuss the process and answer questions, both outlining best practices and warning of pitfalls to be avoided.
Moderator: Neal Sapper (New World'n'Jazz)
Panelists: Tessil Collins (WGBH); Michael Hurzon (The Tracking Station); Mark Rini (Groov Marketing)
(The York Theatre on LL2)

:45 – 3:15 pm Panel 
Cuba: New Opportunities
With the recent thaw in diplomatic relations with Cuba, the possibilities for true cultural exchange abound.  Some players who have an active role with Cuban jazz share their insights to what new opportunities are likely in the near future.
Moderator:  Ben Ratliff
Panelists: Rene Goiffon (Harmoni Mundi); Arturo O'Farrill; Tom Popper (Insight Cuba); Scott Southard (International Music Network); Elio Villafranca 
(Sanctuary on LL1)

2 pm -3:15 pm  Using streaming, downloads, social media and other new technologies to build your audience  (JazzWeek Workshop)
In many markets, jazz radio programming has expanded beyond the FM transmitter. This group of radio programmers and managers who have broadened their audiences with streaming, social media, and other innovative methods will share their success stories and answer questions on how to implement technology to grow the jazz audience. 
Moderator: Ed Trefzger (JazzWeek)
Panelists: Tessil Collins (WGBH); Scott Willis (
(The York Theatre on LL2)

3:30 pm – 5:15 pm  Special Event: Israeli Spotlight Performance by Eli Degibri Quartet
(Sanctuary on LL1)

Wrap Party sponsored by Israel's Office of Cultural Affairs in North America 
(Living Room on LL1)

Schedule subject to change.