About the Jazz Connect Conference

Organized by JazzTimes and the Jazz Forward Coalition, the 2017 Jazz Connect Conference will be held starting at about 9 am on Thursday, January 5 and ending on Friday, January 6 at about 5 pm.  The conference will be held at Saint Peter’s Church, which is located at 54th Street & Lexington Avenue in New York City. With a theme of The Family of Jazz, the conference features a series of workshops, panels and networking opportunities, all geared to expanding the audience for jazz.  Attendees include presenters, artists, managers, agents, journalists, radio programmers and other jazz professionals. 

The Super Early Bird pre- registration rate is only $95 until July 15.  In addition, there is a 15% discount offered to members of various organizations, including APAP, Chamber Music America, Jazz Journalists Association, JazzWeek, Local 802, SESAC and others.  Contact your member organization for details.  

The Jazz Connect conference is organized by Lee Mergner of JazzTimes and Peter Gordon of the Jazz Forward Coalition, with assistance and input from over a dozen industry professionals. JazzTimes is the official publication for the Jazz Connect Conference.

For more information about the Jazz Connect conference, you can call 617-315-9158 or e-mail jazzconnectnyc@gmail.com or visit www.jazz-connect.com. To pre-register for the conference, go to the website. To reserve a table-top display or to advertise in the Conference edition of JazzTimes, contact Michelle Elchaak at 617-706-9080 or melchaak@madavor.com.

About the Jazz Forward Coalition

The Jazz Forward Coalition (JFC) is a consortium of industry leaders focused on enhancing jazz's vitality and cultural relevance for audience development. JFC is focused on developing programs and platforms to support its two central themes of advocacy and infrastructure. By providing a global voice, JFC will cultivate opportunities to motivate growth for current and future generations to expand jazz's cultural footprint. On the web at www.jazzforwardcoalition.com

About JazzTimes

JazzTimes is America’s preeminent jazz magazine providing irreverent, uncompromising and often provocative coverage of the American jazz scene. Relying on an award-winning editorial staff, JazzTimes encompasses special themes, directories, comprehensive news reports and an extensive music review section. JazzTimes is a must-read for the jazz enthusiast. On the web at www.jazztimes.com