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These opinions are not a professional, nor even an informed, impression of the movie.  They are just what I thought of the movie, and what I liked/disliked about the movie.  If you get offended, read the notice on my homepage. 


Also, let me state that I won't watch a contemperary movie without it being in widescreen.  I don't think that anyone can have really watched a movie without having seen it in widescreen, 16:9 or wider.  Watching it in "pan and scan" on a widescreen TV and putting it into stretch mode doesn't count.


Note:  All rankings are out of four. 

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Walk the Line (2005)- 3.5/4

Great movie.  Really helped me appreciate his life and work.  A must-see for anyone who listens to or ever plans to listen to Cash's music.


The Haunting (1963)-  3/4

Less scary than disturbing.  The girl is more frightning and weird than the house or its supernatural activity.  I would see this movie.


Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)- 4/4

 The funniest movie ever made!  It has no plot, and makes absolutly no sense, and I can't even think about a single bad thing about it.  If you want to be called a person, you had better see this movie as soon as it is possible, if not 10 times sooner.


Lord of the Rings (2001-2003)- 4/4

You can't really appreciate the movies until you have read the books.  They did such a good job of making these movies.  This is the most sweeping epic I have ever seen, and will probably ever see.  These are absolutly fantastic.  I would continue to gush about these movies, but I don't know enough big words.

The Grapes of Wrath (1940)- 3.5/4

A great movie.  You don't really understand the plight of these people until you consider the year it was made in, 1940.  The first year after the Great Depression.  This was really more of a documentary at the time of its release, but the stroy has held up after more than 65 years later.


Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)- 3/5

A great movie with an okay plot and action scenes, but the most noteworthy aspect is the incredible cinematography.  Great scenes of vintage ships that are fantastic.


 Runaway Jury (2003)- 3/4

A great movie that tried valiently to live up to the book by Jon Gisham.

Time Bandits (1981)- 1/4

A really bad movie.  The only reason anyone would ever want to watch it would be for the Python connections.  That's the only reson I didn't give it a 0.

Twelve Angry Men (1957)- 4/4

 One of my all time favorites.  A great courtroom drama about one man who eventually changes the opinions of 11 other men.  A movie where over 90% of it takes place in a small juror's room.  An extremely enjoyable movie.


The Rear Window (1954)- 3.5/4 

The definitive Hitchcock movie, very suspensful.  Not as great as some of his other movies, but still a gem.


 North to Alaska (1960)- 3/4

A great Wayne movie, but a step away from his usual style.  Not the best Wayne flick, but still worth watching.

Chisum (1970)- 4/4

A superb movie, with a great plot and a great performace by all of the characters.  Worth a look.

The General (1927)- 3.5/4

The funniest silent movie I have ever seen.  The fact that no CGI or stunt doubles were used blew me away.  It is hilareous.

Dr. Strangelove (1964)- 3.5/4

A funny movie.  Maybe I'm a little biased due to the fact I think the B52 is the second coolest plane ever.  The first coolest plane is the B17.  This is an absolutly hilarious movie.


Ben Hur (1957)- 3/4

A movie from a perspective that is rarely done (with a few notable exceptions).  It is from the perspective of a slave during ancient times.  A good movie, with some great cinematography.


The Last Man on Earth (1964)- 3/4

A great Vincent Price movie, and he is perfect for the role.  You will occasionally see it in the dollar movie section at Walmart or whatever, and it is well worth a buck.


The Killer Shrews (1959)- 3.5/4

A movie that was probably meant to be scary, but it is now more of a comedy.  A group of people are stuck in a shack on an island during a hurricane, while giant rodents try to eat them, after eaten all other food on the island.  A relatively obscure movie, but worth watching if you can find it.

The Brain that Wouldn't Die (1962)- 2.5/4

An extremely disturbing movie, best summed up when a giagantic mutant graphically bites a guy's jugular out.  The guy procedes to stagger around for five minutes, spreading blood throughout the house.

Metropolis (1927)- 3/4

Perhaps the first great science fiction movie of all time.  It is a silent movie, and many parallels can be seen in today's movies.

Star Wars (1977-2005)- 3.5/4

What can I say about Star Wars?  If you haven't seen a Star Wars movie, you had better just be coming out of a cyrogenic freezing.


The Life of Brian (1979)- 3/4

Any Monty Python movie is worth watching.  This movie was still funny,  but it wasn' t any Holy Grail.  Brian's life parallels that of Jesus.  I wonder how they got away with some of the things in the movie.


  I will add more movies as I think of them.  

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