My links

These are the websites that I use and enjoy.

A website that has reviews on a majority of electronical products, both from the editors, and people who have created an account.   This website also has a bandwidth meter, which works great.  It will tell you your internet connection speed. 

This website only applies if you have some kind of a hand-held device, whether it is Palm OS based or a Window Mobile based.  It finds (for free) certain websites that the parent website has created a specially-designed page for mobile devices.  It has, amoung others, CNN, USA Today,, and many others.  If you have a Palm/Pocket PC/Treo, this page is for you. 

This page collects deals, clearences, and sales from all different sources, such as and  It is updated throughout the day, and is a fantastic addition to your daily internet browsing list.

If you are a David Letterman fan, you probably already know about this site.  It gives a synopsis of last night's show, and is (99.9% of the time) updated daily.  It is written by Michael Z. McIntee,  for whom I have a lot of respect for.  He also has  something he calls the Wahoo Extra, which is, essentially, his own personal blog, which is usually both informative and funny. 

A great cheat code source for people with any kind of plateform, from PS1 to computers.  If you don't have a pop-up blocker, though, make sure you have plenty of time to navigate it. 


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