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Holiday Letter 2016

Happy Holidays for 2016, and greetings for the New Year of 2017. This year, I will do the holiday letter with links to Facebook posts, although you should not need a Facebook account to view them. I posted a lot of significant events there already, with photos, so no reason to re-create it. 

We began with a trip to Hawaii. As usual, we needed our winter break, and tried Maui. We missed having Lander with us, so took our surrogate son(s) Will and Matt. We had nice excursions to the top of Haleakala, did some diving, ziplining, and generally enjoyed sunsets from the rented condo.

Back home, I had a little mishap while taking a sauna 😄  You can't make stuff like that up!

As the days lengthened, February brought some fine skiing with good friends and family in some beautiful places.

Mom moved out of her house to Crowne Pointe, in Sioux Center, IA.  We ended up selling Mom's house shortly after that.

March and April brought a fair amount of travel for work.  Luckily, I was able to meet up with Lander on several occasions in Seattle.

At the end of May, we traveled to Juneau for a week while Lander's ship was in dock, including a hike around Mt. Robertson, and a tour on the Fairweather, where Lander was in charge of docking her.

We had a home improvement project in June, when we built the "Perch."  Summer also brought trips down the Tanana River with Mary, Mariah, and Chris, and to the Prince William Soundwhere my new downriggers really worked!

September found me on a 4-week research cruise to the western Aleutian Islands.  It was an amazing experience.  Such a beautiful land/seascapeand the WWII history was interesting as well. We did work a little too!

I had a lot of work-related travel during the months of October/November, including trips to Univ. of Tennessee, Oregon State University, and Australia, where I had a little time to tour around and play on those fabulous beaches

In December, Mom made her second move this year, this time to Fairbanks.  Lander has been home since 16 December, so it is great to have the whole family together.

Wishing everyone good cheer and health for 2017.

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