Subject Catalog and Fee Schedules

Dr. Jay Simon  (Ph.D EE, OSU, 1989) tutors the  physical science, math, and engineering subject areas listed below. 
Dr. Robert Weinberg specializes in the starred (*) life science subjects  but also teaches many of the  physical science 
      and math courses as well. In addition,  Dr. Weinberg holds a J.D. degree from the New England School of Law.

MATH:                                       AP Exam Preparation:
- Algebra-Trig-Plane Geometry                                                 - AP Calculus AB and BC exam preparation
- Pre-Calculus                                                                                 - AP Physics B, C exam preparation
- AP and Undergraduate Calculus I, II, III                             - AP Biology
- Differential Equations                                                            SAT and ACT Math Exam Preparation:
- Complex Variables                                                                    - SAT Subject Test in Math, Level 1 and 2 (formerly SAT-II)
- Matrix Theory                                                                             - SAT Subject Test in Physics (formerly SAT-II)
- Linear Algebra                                                                           
- Probability Theory                                                                  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING:    
- Vector Calculus
- Mathematical Statistics                                                          - Circuit Theory
- Partial Differential Equations                                               - Electromagnetic Theory (undergraduate) 
                                                                                                          - Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Fourier Analysis,
                                                                                                                  Complex Variables, Vector and Tensor Calculus, ...)
  SCIENCE:                                                                             - Electronics for Electrical Engineers
                                                                                                           - Random Processes  
 - Matlab Programming                                                              - Classical Electrodynamics (graduate)
 - Java Programming                                                                   - Radar Theory
 -  Statics and Strength of Materials                                         - Digital Communications (undergrad and graduate)
 - Classical Mechanics                                                                  - Microwave Theory
 - AP and Undergraduate Physics                                             - Antenna Theory 
     (Mechanics, Electricity/Magnetism, Optics                    
     Thermodynamics, Circuits)                                                                                                                                                                                                       
 -  Introduction to Computer Science                                         
 -  Computer Network Theory (undergrad)  
    LIFE SCIENCES (Dr. Weinberg):

- Biology (HS, AP, undergrad)
- Microbiology 
- Chemistry  (HS, AP, undergrad)
- Immunology
- Anatomy
- Pathology
- Logic, Syllogisms, Deduction and Induction




** Veterans are eligible for  discounted rates **

The hourly fee schedules below are based on full tutoring support for one course.
Rate surcharges may apply in the case of two or more unrelated high-level  courses.

PayPal payment only.

Note: All tutoring sessions are 90 minutes

Hourly Fees Tier 1:
Pre-Calculus Science and Math 
(Algebra, Plane Geometry,  Trigonometry, Functions, Inequalities, Graphing, Algebra-based Physics)

Our mission is to provide our pre-calculus students with a solid integrated conceptual framework  together with a strong problem-solving capability that  will serve as a sturdy springboard for more advanced studies over the years to come.

     Flat  $55/ hour

Hourly Fees Tier 2:  
Calculus-based Math and Science 

We fill in the potholes, craters, and crevasses, i.e., the unholy trail of destruction left by ineffective and/or indifferent instructors, under-qualified or incompetent tutors, and one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter courses.  Our students routinely tell us that we are the best teachers that they have ever had, period.  There are reasons for this: We are eminently qualified, we are articulate effective communicators,  and equally importantly, we genuinely care about and work very hard for our students.  But don't take our word for it: We encourage you to contact our student references! 

   Flat $70/ hour

 Hourly Fees Tier 3:
Engineering and Grad Courses  

  Flat $90/ hour

 "Single-shot" sessions (All Tiers): 


 Professional Engineering Consulting Services
   $225/ hour