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Jay Sebring's Astrology

In looking at Jay Sebring's natal {birth chart} astrology, we'd first note that he was born on 10th of October 1933, at 01:05:00 AM in Fairfield,Alabama. He was thus a Libra sun sign. Libra suns tend to be appreciative of beauty,they care about harmony in relationships are are giving,generous partners. Since he was a hair designer this fits well and is a good example of how a Libra can work within the realm of beauty. The sign is ruled by Venus, which among other things has to do with beauty,art and visuals. With Leo rising, which was actually rather perfect for the profession he chose,Sebring had a flair for style.  Both Leo and Libra care a great deal about appearances and would be suited to anything visual or dramatic.

Sun opposition to Uranus can spell violence. Although it certainly doesn't have to play out to it's worst potential, and each astrological chart , each life, is different.  You might have Sun opposite Uranus in your birth chart, but it does not mean you will necessarily become a violent tragedy.  Unfortunately for Jay, it did mean personal violence.
Another Sun / Uranus hard aspect example is President John F. Kennedy, and he too had a tragic end. Although again, every astrological chart is different and having a harsh aspect between the Sun and Uranus does not mean a person is automatically doomed.  But it might make sense to be cautious in general,  rather than foolhardy. What Jay Sebring and JFK had as a result though, was what you might call the "worst of" a Sun/Uranus hard aspect. Mainly, Sun in a square or opposition with the planet Uranus. Likely triggered off by a similar progression or transit to the natal Sun/Uranus aspect.

Again though, do not assume that anyone with a hard aspect between the Sun and Uranus will have such a tragedy because it is absolutely not the case. Astrology for each individual is extremely complex so you cannot go by just one aspect, however it might be an indicator to live without excessive risk taking.  And I'm not saying that Jay Sebring was a risk taker. He was a highly intelligent man who used his time well and was a very decent human being. I am just making a broad statement about astrology.

With Mercury in Scorpio Jay Sebring had a sharp, penetrating mind and this went a long way as far as why he could seem intense and driven, with an aura of mystery as well. Mercury in Scorpio is often psychic to at least some degree,  and people with this placement are usually quick learners. For instance languages come easy to them.

With Venus in Scorpio there would be added intensity, especially in love relationships. For me this explains why Jay flew to London in order to meet Roman Polanski before he could let Sharon "go". Which he never really did...again a Scorpio trait as their emotions tend to run deeply and they are quite serious when they're truly in love. Venus conjuncts Mars in his fourth house, among other things this refers to the home. Venus close to Mars in the fourth house would certainly translate into having a beautiful home. And Jay really did have a lovely residence, in a beautiful setting. His Venus was in trine to Pluto, indicating fated love. Which does not mean ill-starred love or tragic love as other things in his chart might. Instead it's more like a past-life love, or a love meant to be. And it seems to point towards Sharon Tate. The same aspect is good regarding finances.

Jupiter in the second house goes a long way towards financial prosperity,and indeed Jay was successful with business and money.

Saturn is in Aquarius in Jay's sixth house of work and health, as well as pets. Aquarius is unique, original and full of charm.  He was a highly original hair stylist who broke the mold as far as men's hair cutting and regenerated the whole industry. So, the Aquarius had a real effect on his career. In an interview Sebring stated he had arrived at the decision to be a hair designer partly because he wanted freedom in a profession. "Freedom" is an important concept to Aquarius.

Neptune trine to the Midheaven would give Jay spiritual qualities and experiences.  Also, it would add sensitivity to his personality and an other-worldly sense of life.

In Jay's birth chart, Pluto lies in the twelfth house. This house, among other things, represents hidden enemies, or at least unknown enemies. I could see this corresponding to a surprise element towards Jay from a criminal element {his unfortunate death aty the hands of "hidden" or unexpected enemies}. . Which was in fact what happened to him. Pluto had a square both from the Sun as well as Uranus. Pluto square the Sun literally, for Sebring, translated into a male {Sun} criminal {Tex Watson}, in a Pluto/Scorpio {Pluto rules Scorpio}, threat. Uranus square to Pluto represented a situation out of control.   I would like emphasize I'm not saying that anyone else with similar astrology is under the same horrible threat that happened to Jay.   Every astrology chart is different and everyone's fate is different, but for Sebring his chart as a whole and his progressed astrology combined would show a possible tragedy and indeed it did happen.

In each chart this sort of misfortune can be spelled out differently. In Sharon Tate's chart, Pluto lies close to the Ascendant. It can literally mean, a criminal element in close proximity to her.

I'd like to mention here that should you happen to have a twelfth house Pluto, there is absolutely no reason to suppose the same sort of tragedy will happen to you. Each individual chart has it's own variances and they all come into play.
The twelfth house has many different associations to it as well, for instance it represents hospitals and institutions too. At the same time, the house where Pluto lies in the chart will always be fateful in some way, for better or worse depending on what sort of aspects the planet receives.