Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate

During the month of October {or possibly November} ,1964 during a fateful party at the Whiskey A Go Go club in Los Angeles, Jay Sebring met gorgeous actress Sharon Tate. Another version of how they met was that writer Joe Hyams introduced them after Jay requested a meeting. Whatever the truth of their first meeting,they fell in love quickly and made an attractive couple. Sharon was soon living at the house on Easton Drive with her new love.The couple enjoyed the good life together in their exciting celebrity world. Sharon became a regular visitor to Jay's in vogue hair salon in Los Angeles. Many of Sebring's famous clients remembered seeing Sharon on her frequent visits there. The actress even learned to cut hair herself, as did her mother, Doris Tate. 

There have been rumors that Sharon wanted to marry Jay but he wasn't ready, and vice versa. They never did end up getting married. However, they remain linked in people's minds almost as if they had been a married couple. Jay and Sharon almost seem more "married" in a sense than perhaps she and Roman Polanski had been. The relationship with Sebring was an older relationship for Sharon. Jay had not been unfaithful to Sharon when they'd been a couple {unlike Polanski}...and Jay was there to attempt to protect Sharon's life in the end. That makes for something that you could well say goes beyond marriage. Jay and Sharon could trust each other. Trust was rather lacking in Sharon's relationship with Roman. Sharon would make remarks to friends indicating she knew or strongly felt Roman was being unfaithful.

The relationship between Sharon and Jay lasted until 1966, when Sharon went to London to star in a film
"The Fearless Vampire Killers" directed by Roman Polanski. This film was the start of Sharon's relationship with Roman. Although Sharon and Roman were not initially attracted to each other they ended up falling in love, and Sharon had to face ending her relationship with Jay. People close to the couple felt that Sebring had made a mistake in not marrying Sharon, a it's very possible that he shared that feeling.

After realizing that Sharon was no longer his girl friend, Sebring went to London to meet Roman and to see if he could talk things over with Tate. Roman and Jay eventually became good friends, while Jay and Sharon maintained a close friendship. Some people believed that Sebring continued to be in love with Sharon ever afterward. They were fairly sophisticated people and no one thought anything was outrageous about Jay remaining close to Sharon, nor was friendship with Sharon anything scandalous. True love never really dies, and they seemed to have an unbreakable bond. People said Jay was "crazy" about Sharon.

Some people cynically said that despite his popularity Jay was a lonely person and was hanging onto Sharon and Roman. But it's more likely Tate and Sebring had an understanding and a closeness that other people couldn't fathom or appreciate. 

There is a home movie that exists of an outdoor party at the Easton Drive house. Sharon was there with many other people. She was affectionate with Jay, as he was with her. It's touching to see the film footage.
Everyone at the party looked happy and relaxed, it must have been a wonderful day. They had good lives. It was clear that Sharon and Jay were soul mates in a way.  Their romantic relationship had effectively ended but they did not completely end their relationship.

Elaine Young, the ex wife of actor Gig Young, was the realtor who found the house on Cielo Drive for Sharon. Sharon and Roman had been renting a house owned by Patty Duke until she let them know she'd be needing it back. This left them looking for a new place.
Regarding Jay and Sharon, Elaine was quoted as saying,
"Jay was very good-looking. He was crazy about Sharon. The biggest mistake he ever made was not marrying her. She left him and went to Europe and married Roman, who treated her like dirt.''

The video in the middle and to the right side of this page, "Sharon Chilling At Home" is actually a video of a party that was going on at Jay's house, not at Sharon's house. The video has two conflicting titles.  It's a completely fascinating view into the personal world of Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate.  During this video Jay, Sharon and others are at a pleasant afternoon outdoor party and Jay stops to give her a kiss.

Jay & Sharon - Never My Love

Sharon Tate At Jay's House

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