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by Shanella Rabess

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The Tamarind Tree is indigenous to some Caribbean islands like Dominica, and can be found mainly along the south/western coast line along the beaches. It is a large beach shade tree, with a profusion of tiny leaves. The fruit looks like a big pea pod, brown in color, and hang in clusters from the branches. The fruit is very tart, tastes zingey, and is combined with lots of sugar to make tamarind balls, and tamarind juice.  The process of making the juice is very bizarre, (looks like a bowl of mud at one point) and is made palatable by diluting very heavily with water and adding  a good portion of sugar. This is on my list of bizarre juices. Photos are from my kitchen. Enjoy!

Visiting Dominica?

Then be sure you get a taste of this bizarre Tamarind Juice after your snorkeling or beach trip.

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Ask your  Tour Guide for a sampling of local Tamarind Juice. This fruit is seasonal, so you might be lucky to find it at Restaurants during the months of April to August. You can also collect some pods at the beach, (if you can get a local to pluck some for you) and try out our recipe in your own kitchen.




Tamarind Juice


You will need


24 tamarind pods

3 cups sugar





Remove skin from fruit and pull off stem. Place fruit in blender and add water to cover. Blend gently in order to avoid crushing the seed or ruining your blender.

Alternatively, it may be a  better idea to place fruit in a clean bowl with enough water, and beat until mixture looks like mud or dark chocolate. Strain into a large jar. Discard the seeds. Dilute with enough water, and sweeten to your taste.

 Chill. Serve very cold with a generous helping of local bakes.






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