Made in Unity3D
Download (Windows) 

Jay Kline - Programming and Art
Jeremy Moore - Programming
Chris Miller - Art

While out fishing, you ended up getting yourself eaten by a giant fish.  Unfortunately, the fish that ate you also got eaten by an even larger fish.  Oh, and that larger fish? Eaten by a colossal fish. But you are in luck, flint and drift wood are common in this area.  You need to catch fish to find one that ate flint, and use that to start a fire to escape.  Hurry before you run out stamina.

AWSD/Arrows - Movement
SPACE - Wait
C - Start aiming bobber. C again to cast it.
Move the bobber or wait til a fish bites it then pull it back in.
E - Eat a caught fish to regain stamina.
R - Salvage a caught fish for a chance of upgrades.
F - Use flint if standing on driftwood.

(CHEAT) U - immediately go to next floor.  No one likes a cheater though...