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About Me:

I grew up in Port Angeles, WA and attended Port Angeles High School. 
I graduated from Oberlin College May, 2010 as a film major. I studied film at FAMU Film School in Prague. 
I have made several short individual projects including experimental films, documentaries, and fictional narratives. 
I have  collaborated on several projects as well. 
Two of my films (animated short "Creation", and dark comedy "I Love You, Eve") have played at film festivals nationally and internationally. 

   Email: shaggyjay10@gmail.com

About Me


Lonely Americans - Trailer
Written and Directed by Lucas Rainey
Cinematography by Jay Nolan
Starring Philip Waller and Kat Lee

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The Next Project: 
Amerika: A Notebook in 3 Parts
Written and Directed by Mika Johnson
Cinematography by Jay Nolan
Starring Kaori Mitsushima and Jay Thomas
If you are interested in finding out more or being part of Amerika, click here

Amerika: a Notebook in Three Parts (Trailer)

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