w do you know which therapy to choose when you don’t know exactly what’s on offer or what you want?  Are you experiencing difficult feelings such as anger, confusion, guilt, anxiety, or experiencing depression or a sense of loss?
Maybe things may not feel right in your life at the moment and you can't understand why...

If so, counselling can help people explore and unravel and deal with the issues in their lives. These issues may be recent or long standing and may appear as:
Anxiety and depression
Low self esteem
Relationship problems
Substance abuse/dependence
Physical illness
I can offer you  a warm, supportive environment, allowing space in which to explore your thoughts and feelings. My aim is to work  alongside you to help you recognise what is happening and learn to do things differently. I draw upon different tools during your sessions to help you explore your issues at your individual pace.  

...You are the expert on you, and can decide what you want, to change or grow to accept ...