A Day In The Life Of Migrant Workers During The Great Depression

 A mother with her children
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People Working In a Feild
The Great depression began in 1931 and went untill 1939. During the Great Depression many hispanic and mexican american workers came to california and many other places in the United States to work.
During the great depression, many immigrants came to the United States to look for a job. They were mostly hispanic or mexican american in ethnicity. They would take almost any opportunity to work that came to them. Most of the time their jobs were farming. They worked in the field's for a living. Other jobs that wernt as common were construction workers and laborers. Still, jobs were in short supply.
Migrant workers were not treated very well. They lived in very poor conditions. They all lived in the same place and didnt always get enough food. They were barely payed anything. They only earned about 15 to 20 cents per hour. Thats only about 5 dollars per day. The migrant workers labored for 12 ours a day, at least 6 days a week. Even children had to work this hard. Farming for 12 hours a day would be horrible. Espically if you were a young child.
Migrant workers had alot of restrictions. For one, they were not allowed to leave the state unless their employer gave them permission to. They didnt really get any free time and the food supply was pathetic. 
Barely any of the workers had an education. It just wasnt necessary. Life for migrant workers would have been really hard.
They had very bad living conditions and young children had to work.
 A dust storm
 Migrants comeing to the United States
 A worker
Construction workers.
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