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Game Engine Work

    The biggest game I have worked on follows a concept idea similar to SuperMario64: One main level links to several other smaller games or minigames. The area takes the form of a large cave system, including fog and a 3-level maze. Save / Load scripts from the Blendenzo tutorial allow players to return to one of 3 checkpoints depending on which minigame they last entered.

    One of the minigames is a sailboat game. Players control a sailboat while it sails around four islands in a tropical paradise. A simple menu system allows for turning on and off functions such as compass and speed indicators. It is possible to switch views from a camera following behind the boat to one looking down from above (as a "map"). The speed of the sailboat is determined by the angle between the sail and the wind. A small fish follows the boat around.

    I am currently working on another similar sailboat project, but with much higher goals. The work is going pretty well so far.

    Another one of the minigames created is a fighter-plane game. You take command of a multi-purpose fighter jet equipped with three weapons; guns, missiles, and bombs. A targeting circle on the ground shows where the bombs will land. It is possible to shoot the missiles un-guided, but also pressing enter will select one of three targets if the target is inside your view. Switching from 3rd person to 1st person adds a map, crosshairs, and angle indicator. A stall warning shows up if you begin to stall. A simple AI system controls another plane which flies around until you shoot it down. A building made of cubes with rigid bodies enabled allows you to blow it up (using any of the weapons). 

    One of the more addicting mini-games (somehow simple games are often the most addicting) is a game my friends and I call "the Keebler Game". The main character is Keebler, the cookie elf, and the object of the game is to entertain yourself by throwing him through a wall of blocks, which collapse. Different keyboard keys allow you to throw red cubes at different parts of his body (headshot, anybody?) for maximum variety. A simple ragdoll system makes the game that more realistic and fun.