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    Here are three screenshots from the model we worked on during Saturday's meeting.

     After more careful inspection of the rules, it we have decided to scrap the plan to carry the trackball around. Here are some screenshots from my idea over the long weekend....

     Given the current state of the project, our current plan is just to hit the ball with the front of the robot. We may be upgrading to 4 motors (instead of 2).

     Here is the current state of the robot (though without the ball-bearing type wheels) as of the end of the meet on Tuesday the 29th.

    On Tuesday the 5th I created the upper frame design. This frame will be covered with the same fabric that the bumpers are covered with.

    Mr. Hill and I revised the design during Tutorial on Wednesday. Here is the concept, skinned, and "un-skinned". 

Eye Image:

    Here is the final design of the robot (without the fabric). We had to ruin the stealthy look because the regulations require a high flagpole.

    During the competition, the frame endured a beating and the only damage was the flagpole, which broke and needed to be braced. Overall, BearBotics did well during the competition and we are looking forward to an exiting next year.