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My Personal Choices for the Best and Worst of What the Internet has to Offer

As I weave my way through the billions of sites that are the "web" I rate the best & the worst.  In general any website that has tons of ads is rated as crap (worst of the web).  Any website that can teach me something I didn't already know (and am even mildly interested in) gets rated as best, thumbs up.  I love inovation, web 2.0, cool gadgets, fun stuff, funny jokes, wacky news and things that make me go mmmmm....those are the ones that will get my best ratings.  If you want your site rated please contact me via email (see footer).  Surf on dudes!

Best of the web

Audio & Video Editing, Converter Software for DVD, CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AVI, MPG, and WMV - is one fo the best websites - Why?  For God's sake can't you tell by the title!  You can do everything and anything you ever wanted with audio/video!  Rating? 9/10 - If you need to convert any audio and/or video go there.


Epooch Shopping Directory - Why?  Tons of great shopping sites.  Rating?  8/10 - Nice looking directory and really easy to use.


True Ghost Tales and Stories - Why? Because I believe in ghosts, do you?  Rating? 9/10 - loads of scary ghost stories, ghost pictures, vampires and werewolves. Visit the world of the paranormal.

Best Site of the Month

Every month we will choose a new fun and exciting site to feature:




If you love weird, strange news stories then go to

Kids party guy because he looks so freaky!

Best Joke of the Month

A man and a woman were driving down the road arguing about his deplorable fidelity practices when suddenly, the woman reaches over and slices off the mans penis and angrily tosses it out the window of the car.


Driving behind the car is a pickup truck with a man and his 9 year old daughter chatting away beside him. All of the sudden, the penis smacks the pickup in the windshield and flies off.


Surprised, the daughter asks her daddy, “Daddy what in the heck was that ?!?”


Not wanting to expose his 10 year old daughter to sex at such a tender age, the father replies, “It was only a bug, honey.”


The daughter gets a confused look on her face, and after a few seconds, she says. “It sure had a big dick.”

Worst of the Web

This cartoon is pretty bad, but I admit I did chuckle! 

Worst Site of the Month

Any site showing pictures of this nasty thing:


Winner of the 2006 Ugliest Dog of the Year Award


Cool Pic of the Month


Awesome Painted Bathroom Floor.


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