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CI Factory is a canned Continuous Integration(CI) server and installation script. Adherence to a standard development workspace allows for this product to build most any project out of the box. It uses a plugin architecture. For more information on what it is and how it works see the introduction. If you are ready to get start using it download it and read the install document. You should be able to get a build server up and running in no time.

Packages currently bundled with the CI Factory installer:

  • Visual Source Safe
  • Subversion
  • Assembly and product versioning
  • PVCS Tracker
  • .NET Visual Studio 2003/2005 solution compilation
  • Unit Test execution with MbUnit
  • Code Coverage with CoverageEye
  • nDepend
  • Deployment artifact publication
  • Install Shield or VS deployment packages

Independent Packages :

  • Ant
  • VB6Compile
  • LinesOfCode
  • MSTest
  • NCover
  • BackUp
  • Simian
  • Analytics