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Dear Colleagues,

We need to stay connected and that too on a platform that is more modern, more current and workplace friendly. Probably the best way would be to activate the web mode.  It is a fast-paced world and the challenge right now is to make maximum impact in a limited time.

 To stay updated with all that’s happening Inside Jayanti, we need to work together.

 “Jayanti Times” will be the official web-based bulletin board for corporate news publications where real-time information flow depends much on contributions from all departments and board of management. Jayanti Times”, is a humble attempt to reach out to employees  with an up-to-date, informative e-newsletter that can provide you an insightful reading of how we  are progressing together.


Here is a quick look at some interesting events of 2016.                

          FKCCI Export Excellence Award 2016

PLMA Exhibitionin Amsterdam

Good HealthRituals – Mind and Meditation – A Visit to the AOL Ashram!

European Spice Association, Antwerp

Leading Indian Spice Exporters




Keep checking the news link for more “flash news” to stay updated. Please feel free to write to us at corp.communications@jayanti.com. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.



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