Project Summary

    When thinking about possible topics to research this year, we thought about the large sum of money which our parents devote solely to heating and cooling. We decided to research ways to reduce the amount of energy used in this arena, which would subsequently lower energy costs. We found that efficiency in thermal envelope is one of the most important factors in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment because it prevents the heat from escaping.

    We performed surveys on walls within our own homes to discover areas with leakage in the thermal envelope. We utilized an infrared thermometer to accomplish this task, and then formatted our data to create heat maps of the walls, showing were there were significant temperature changes.  

    We found that most of the heat escaped (the tests were conducted in the winter) in regions with features such as air-conditioners, windows, and doors, which all have relatively low R-values.

  We asked neighbors and friends a questions about their knowledge of thermal envelope, we discovered that many were unaware of the importance of having an efficient thermal boundary. To delve further, we created a survey that asked homeowners questions to help determine the quality of the thermal envelope of their home and then analyzed this data. With this new acquired knowledge, we concluded that individuals must be more informed about the advantages of insulation which could increase the efficiency of their thermal boundaries as well as cut the cost of bills.

JAW:Thermal Envelope Efficiency Project


Project Summary
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