3 - History of Dopamine and Other Interesting Facts

Dopamine was first discovered by a Swedish pharmacologist, Arvid Carlsson in 1952.

Five years later, Carlsson proved that it was in fact a bonafide neurotransmitter, not just a precursor

to adrenaline like most scientists believed at the time.

Arvid Carlson receiving his Nobel Prize in 2000 for Physiology/Medicine

Since it was discovered, dopamine created a whole new area of scientific study and its study

created new medicine used to treat conditions in a variety of physical and psychological problems.

The introduction of the neurotransmitter in our physical and mental understanding changed the understanding

of both scientists and the people.

More Interesting Facts About Dopamine

-Dopamine and the neurotransmitter serotonin (responsible for mood, appetite, sleep, memory, learning, and happiness)

    reduces the other's amount in the brain: If there is more serotonin, the amount of dopamine reduces and vice versa.

-Dopamine raises your libido, the more dopamine you release, the more sexually aroused you are likely to be.

-Dopamine helps us stay awake when we feel sleepy.

-THC, in marijuana releases all of the brain's dopamine, which is what creates the "high" of the drug.

-Pure dopamine is actually taken intravenously. L-Dopa (the precursor of dopamine), rather than pure dopamine

    is prescribed for people with dopamine deficiencies. Pure dopamine is prescribed for cardiovascular issues

    because it increases blood flow and heart rate.

-Both of the hormones that make up adrenaline are made from dopamine.

-Eating chocolate releases dopamine and serotonin.

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