Changes in Tuladha Jejeg

Version 1.5:

  • Ligatures of conjunct form of consonants with PENGKAL (medial ya) + SUKU (u matra), PENGKAL (medial ya) + SUKU MENDUT (uu matra), PENGKAL (medial ya) + KERET (vocalic r) was added. Now 'hambyur' rendered as  [Image]. In previous version 'hambyur' rendered as [Image].
  • Conjunct form of U+A9B0 SA MAHAPRANA (ssa) now rendered with two parts glyph: [Image] . In previous version it rendered as [Image]
  • More efficient Graphite (GDL) codes.

Version 1.6:

  • Better hinting. Font looks better on-screen.

Version 1.65:

  • Better hinting. Font looks better on-screen.

Version 1.70:

  • Glyph shape of U+A996 CA MURDA (cha) and U+A99E DDA MAHAPRANA (ddha) changed to be more compliant to Unicode Javanese character code chart.

Version 1.80:

  • Glyph spacing optimized.
  • Unused ligatures removed.
  • Composite glyphs with overlapping contours replaced with single glyph.

Version 1.81:

  • Extended Javanese letters for Chinese () supported using U+0308 ̈ COMBINING DIAERESIS and U+035C ͜ COMBINING DOUBLE BREVE BELOW.

Version 1.90:

  • Several font features were added to the font to support alternative glyph shape and non-standard orthography.

Version 1.92:

  • Released under SIL Open Font License (OFL).

Version 2.01:

  • [Presentation] Position of U+A9B3 CECAK TELU relative to upper vowel signs corrected, for example . In previous versions they rendered .
  • [Presentation] Different glyph shape for U+A9C6 JAVANESE PADA WINDU and U+A9D0 JAVANESE DIGIT ZERO: .
  • [Internal font] Combining characters no longer composited with dotted circle.
  • [Internal font] Glyph naming in the font now following Adobe and FontLab glyph naming recommendation.
  • [Internal font] Font now has all the glyphs recommended by Microsoft.
  • [Internal font] More efficient GDL codes.