Umami (Savory) Tastes. Your Mommy Will love Umami!!!

Have you ever heard of Savory or Umami?
Have you ever wondered what it meant?
What is an example of Savory?
  • As you know Umami is the fifth taste. Umami also known as (savory) is a taste that many people like and can't describe.
  • Definition of Savory is a taste of richness; like when you eat rice, the taste you get is Savory. Umami is the Japanese word for Savory.
  • If you can't think of a food that tastes Savory just think of a simple red tomato. 
  • MSG is in some food and it is used as a flavor enhancer
  • You might also ask yourself, "Where are my taste buds located"
  • Your taste bud for the flavor Umami is located in the middle of your tongue.
  • You have around 10,000 taste buds in your mouth and throat, while you get older your taste buds decline.
  •  As you know there are 5 different flavors and they are; bitter, salty, sour, sweet and Umami.

To learn more about the tastes and flavors you can watch the videos below.

Umami and the Five Basic Tastes

Is MSG bad for You?

What I Learned

I learned a lot from researching different taste that i did not

know about. MSG is one thing i didn't know about, It s a sodium salt

made up of glutamic acid. MSG is found in many Savory flavored

foods. I didn't just learn about the taste of Umami i also learned

the history of where it originated from. The word Umami is a word

that comes from Japan. Another thing i found out was Kikunae

Ikeda was the founder of the Umami taste. "Umami comes

from glutamates, a kind of molecule found most often in meats

and cheeses, but also asparagus, tomatoes, seaweed, peas, corn,

onions and soyfoods like tofu and edamame. The process of

fermentation enhances umami, which explains why soy sauce and aged cheeses like Parmesan are so savory."