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...Curse of the Pharaoh...

The Clockwork Colour Experience

Risen Osiris 



Johnny 5 Must Die

Alestorm (In development)


Curse of the Pharaoh 



...Curse of the Pharaoh... is a heavy metal concept album with a fictional, mythical, egyptian horror theme.

The Clockwork Colour Experience is one of the two projects that myself and my Uni housemate put together during our 3 years at Uni. All that we put online was our Christmas single, so if it's around the festive time give it a spin!

Risen Osiris was the first (almost) complete band that I was in.



Johnny 5 Must Die is a first person shooter PC game involving the Johnny 5 character from the film Short Circuit. (Java, Jirr)

Alestorm is a game that started out as a cartoon, tin can alley style shooter for the Scottish Pirate Metal band Battleheart on PC (C++, Irrlicht). Battleheart have since changed their name to Alestorm and signed to Napalm Records and the game is now in development on PLAYSTATION®3 (C++, OpenGL).

TilesGame is a 3D version of the n-puzzle game that we all know! (C++, Irrlicht)

...Curse of the Pharaoh... is almost the game of the album, something i started putting together using portals to form a multimedia bonus for the album. (C++, Irrlicht)

irrAI is an AI module for the Irrlicht graphics engine (C++, Irrlicht)

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