Javier Broch - Enhancing Human Experiences

Javier Broch - user & customer experience / usability researcher-the practice of simplicity)          

Don't just ask users. Watch them. Simple is better. Less is more. Your design will be tested - either in the lab or by your customers. Improving the User Experience. 

Javier Broch biography


At work, what interests me?

  • make things easier, intuitive
  • improve human-tech interactions by reducing the cognitive load with the practice of simplicity
  • user, customer & consumer experience research


  • Teaching Virtual Branding in Retail,  at Universidad Pompeu Fabra - Elisava School of Design
  • online music experience   - SIMBA
  • Human Factors Int. - usability maturity survey findings 

  • USID (usability in information systems universidad Pompeu Fabra) - usability in online retail 
  • mesa redonda “web 2.0 y redes sociales: nuevos retos y tendencias” X International congress in human computer interaction 

What do I believe?

  • the majority of products and services are never used by the intended audience
  • the average time humans dedicate per task is decreasing as the tasks per human ratio increases, hence the importance of simplicity

Areas of study and practice

  • customer experience
  • observing humans using things
  • consumer research, cognitive psychology, persuation technology
  • usability strategy, user experience (UX), user-centered design
  • human computer interaction (HCI), human factors engineering
  • augmented reality, digital identity 

With who I collaborate?

Outside work ...

  • space exploration (yep, the outerspace staff)
  • swimming, squash, hiking
  • public media: NPR (National Public Radio) & TED Talks
Books I recommend 
About work Ethic 

more and more commercial interests are scheming to undermine your productivity by tempting you with incessant disruptions; most should be ignored, except for a small amount of time each day that you specifically set aside for non-focused activity