Javhar FAQ

The name Javhar has nothing to do with a certain Disney movie, as first of all it is not spelled Jafar, and second of all, I got there way first (well, before the Disney version anyway). In 1990.

One afternoon, most of the people in one of the computer labs at Eindhoven University of Technology seemed to be logged into some online MUD (it was Kobramud), and soon I faced the classic ok, now think of a usename and password stumper. I couldn't just call myself "Jack" or anything, as everyone seemed to have imaginative fantasy names. All I could come up with on the spot was "javar", as derived from my initials. Later on this name turned into javhar when someone mistyped it and added the h. I thought it looked better that way, so I kept it. Shortly after I got my first Internet account, and chose the name javhar for it. I've been known as javhar in all my incarnations on the 'net ever since.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, "javhar" actually means something in Arabic! I found this out seven years later courtesy of Rabia Karaman:

  • Javhar (ﺟﻮﻫﺭ):intrinsic, essential nature, essence, content, substance (as opposed to form; philos); matter, substance, atom, jewel, gem; pl. jewelry.

Note: If you came to this web page because someone asked you to find out what "Javhar" means, then congratulations, you've found it. Contact , because it was me who sent you on this mission. For I am, in fact, the only Javhar on the Internet.

Post Scriptum 1: I cobbled together that Arabic spelling ﺟﻮﻫﺭ myself. Corrections are welcome, especially if someone can get the diacritics in there... ﺟَﻮْﻫَﺭ ?

Post Scriptum 2: Rumour has it that javhar is also a kind of lentil in Hindi. I'll go with the jewel/gem interpretation.