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 Ant Support (third party)  for XML manipulation

- XML Manipulation using XMLTask (Tutorial)
- XMLTask Home


Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple, very flexible text format derived from SGML (ISO 8879). Originally designed to meet the challenges of large-scale electronic publishing, XML is also playing an increasingly important role in the exchange of a wide variety of data on the Web and elsewhere.

- XML home 

- XML Tutorials Home at W3School  
- Introduction to XML (at W3School) 
- Unit-Testing XML

- A Quick Introduction to XML (from Sun)
XML Articals Home at Developer.com

Other resources
- XML Technology Center at Oracled Developer Network
- XML Resources Home at IBM
- OnJava XML Tutorial Home


XML Parsing and Processing Using SAX and DOM (Java SE)

XML processing home for Java SE (at Sun)
- Simple XML Parsing with SAX and DOM (from OnJava)
- Binding XML to Java using EMF (from TheServerSide)


XML Parsing and Processing (Java EE)

 - Java Technology (EE) for XML Home page at Sun

The Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB)
(JAXB) provides a convenient way to bind an XML schema to a representation in Java code. This makes it easy for you to incorporate XML data and processing functions in applications based on Java technology without having to know much about XML itself. Read More..
- JAXB Home (at Sun)
JAXB in Java EE Tutorial (from Sun)

Java API for XML Registries (JAXR)
The Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) gives you a uniform way to use business registries that are based on open standards (such as ebXML) or industry consortium-led specifications (such as UDDI). Read More..
- JAXR Home (at Sun)

- JAXR in Java EE Tutorial (from Sun)

Streaming API for XML (StAX)
Streaming API for XML (StAX), a streaming Java-based, event-driven, pull-parsing API for reading and writing XML documents. StAX enables you to create bidrectional XML parsers that are fast, relatively easy to program, and have a light memory footprint. StAX provides is the latest API in the JAXP family, and provides an alternative to SAX, DOM, TrAX, and DOM for developers looking to do high-performance stream filtering, processing, and modification, particularly with low memory and limited extensibility requirements.
- StAX in Java EE Tutorial (from Sun)
- Introduction to StAX (from XML.com)
- StAX home at dev2dev (from BEA)
Sample Codes
- Sample code for StAX in Java EE Tutorial (from Sun)

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XML Parsing and Processing Using Jakarta Commons Digester

- Commons Digester Home

- Learning and Using Jakarta Digester (from OnJava)

- The Hidden Gems of Jakarta Commons, Part 1 (from OnJava)
- How to use Digester to parse XML configuration files (from JavaWorld)
- Parsing, indexing, and searching XML with Digester and Lucene (from IBM)