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Inversion of Control (IoC) Pattern
- Introduction to Spring Framework
- Five minute guide to Install and configure spring framework
- Write your first Spring application
- Guide to install Spring IDE 2.0.x in Eclipse 3.2.x
- Introduction to AOP
- Write your first Spring AOP application in 5 minute

- EJB 3
- Java Persistence API
- Hibernate

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Rod Johnson: Are we there yet?
Rod Johnson discusses some of the challenges that still faces enterprise Java development, and the technical innovations needed to address.
(InfoQ; May 30, 2007)

Rod Johnson

Rod is the father of Spring. The Spring Framework open source project began in February 2003, based on the Interface21 framework published with Rod's best-selling Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development. Rod is one of the world's leading authorities on Java and J2EE development. He is a best-selling author, experienced consultant, and open source developer, as well as a popular conference speaker.
Rod's best-selling Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development (2002) was one of the most influential books ever published on J2EE. The sequel, J2EE without EJB (July 2004, with Juergen Hoeller), has proven almost equally significant, establishing a comprehensive vision for lightweight, post-EJB J2EE development. 
More.. (from Interface21)

Rod Johnson: 2006 the year Spring became Ubiquitous
(Dec 08, 2006 )
Rod Johnson kicked off the opening keynote of
The Spring Experience conference declaring that 2006 was year Spring became ubiquitous. The keynote started with Rod demonstrating the European Patents office site which is built using Spring Web Flow. Rod went on to declare that "2006 was the year Spring was confirmed as the defacto standard", citing a Forrester report that said that "a majority of enterprises are using Spring" and also a BEA dev2dev survey that found that "68% of respondents reported using Spring."  2006 had saw a number of events "underpin the growth of Spring adoption", which according to Rod were:

Spring Web Flow 1.0 has been released.
(Oct 26, 2006)
Spring Web Flow is a next generation web application controller framework that runs on Java SE 1.3 or greater, and Java EE 1.3 (Servlet 2.3, Portlet 1.0) or greater. The framework allows developers to define user interaction and application behavior as reusable, high-level modules called flows. The product is particularly suited for implementing wizards and other guided processes.
Release launch page
- Documentation

JavaTouch Recommended Book:

JavaTouch Recommended Book:

- Interface21 team blog
Get insights from the leads of Spring development team. 

As the leading full-stack Java/J2EE application framework, Spring delivers significant benefits for many projects, reducing development effort and costs while improving test coverage and quality

Spring Core

- Spring Framework Home
- Spring Framework Documantation Home
- Spring Framework - Reference Manual (2.0)
- Spring Framework - API (2.0)
- Spring IDE
- Appfuse (Starter app for spring+struts+hibernate app)

Tutorials and Articals

Inversion of Control design principle
JavaTouch Guide to Inversion of Control Pattern
-A beginners guide to Dependency Injection (TheServerSide; July, 2005)
Examining the Validity of Inversion of Control (TheServerSide; Feb, 2005)
A Brief Introduction to IoC (Basic)
- Design Better Software with IOC (Advanced)

Spring IDE related
Guide to install Spring IDE 2.0.x in Eclipse 3.2.x
- Spring IDE Guide

Spring Core
Spring Framework Aricals Home (official)

Introductory Articals
JavaTouch's introduction to Spring Framework
JavaTouch's five minutes guide to Install and configure Spring framework
- Write your first Spring application
- Introduction to the Spring framework
This is the first artical in a three part Spring framework series.  In it you'll learn the principles behind Inversion of the Control (IoC) and AOP, and how these technologies enable the construction of lightweight, robust J2EE applications using Spring technology.
- Introduction to Spring 2 and JPA (IBM developer network, Aug 2006)

- Introduction to Spring Framework (by Rod Johnson- Founder of Spring Framework; TheServerside Oct 2007)
Agile j2ee (Rod Johnson's blog)
- Ten Common Misconceptions About Spring...
- Side-by-Side Comparison of Spring and EJB 3.0 (part 1) (from DevX)
Side-by-Side Comparison of Spring and EJB 3.0 (part 2) (from DevX)

Spring and AOP
An Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming with the Spring Framework, Part 1
- An Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming with the Spring Framework, Part 2
- Dynamic Routing Using Spring framework and AOP (InfoQ, June 2007)
Simplifying Enterprise Applications with Spring 2.0 and AspectJ by Adriyan Colyer (InfoQ, Aug 2006)
- POJO Aspects in Spring 2.0: A Simple Example (blog)
- Spring: A Quick Journey Through Spring AOP (javalobby, Aug 2005)

Spring in persistence/Database layer
Introduction to Spring 2 and JPA (IBM, Aug 2006)

Other Articals
Spring 2.0: What's New and Why it Matters by Rod Johnson (InfoQ, Jan 2007)
Spring: unifying themes and complete tour (InfoQ, Dec 14, 2006 )
At The Spring Experience, Adrian Colyer keynoted an overview of what the unifying themes of the Spring and what all the capabilities of the Spring portfolio are.
An Update on Spring 2.0 Final (InfoQ, Sep 05, 2006)
InfoQ spoke to the Spring team including Rod Johnson, Rob Harrop, Adrian Colyer, and Juergen Holler, to find out what’s happening with the framework and what’s coming up.
Simplifying Enterprise Applications with Spring 2.0 and AspectJ (infoQ, Aug 10, 2006)
Adrian Colyer who is Chief Scientist at Interface21, leader of the AspectJ project on Eclipse.org, and founder of the AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) project gives insight into effective use of AspectJ with Sprin 2 to simplify enterprise application development.

- Spring Framework author offers Java outlook (March 2006, InfoWorld)
InfoWorld spoke with Rod Johnson, founder of the Spring Framework for Java, during TheServerSide Java Symposium in Las Vegas about simplifying and open-sourcing Java, aspect-oriented programming, the Spring Framework and how .Net stacks up as a competitor to Java.

- Create Light Weight Spring Plug-in for Eclipse (Specific)

Spring, EJB3 and JPA
How To : Using EJB 3.0 Session beans in Spring Beans (Oracle; Jun, 2006). Download Sample code..
- How To : Using EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence API with Spring in OC4J Oracle; Jun, 2006). Download Sample code.. 

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- Albert Einstein


- Rod Johnson: Are we there yet? (InfoQ; May 30, 2007)
Rod Johnson discusses some of the challenges that still faces enterprise Java development, and the technical innovations needed to address.

- Interview: Arjen Poutsma on Spring Web Services (Jan 2007, InfoQ)
InfoQ talks to Spring Web Services creator Arjen Poutsma about Spring's WS stack and the different approach it has to building Java Web services.

- Spring2 and Java EE 5 By Adrian Colyer and Rod Johnson (Nov 2006)
In this second part of the SpringOne keynote you'll receive an overview of the Spring Stakeholders like BEA, Oracle, IBM, Alfresco, LogicBlaze and others. Hear how Spring 2.0 is used in the core of the forthcoming WebLogic 9.5 to implement new Java EE 5 features around injection and interception. Rod Johnson also covers, from a high level, the Spring 2.0 features such as simplified configuration, AOP, web, service and data layer and the support for multiple language implementations like JRuby, Groovy and bsh.

- VOCA, a Spring case-study by Nick Masterson-Jones and Rod Johnson (Nov 2006)

Introduction to Spring 2.0 update by Rod Johnson (Presentation at Javapolis 2005)
Spring founder Rod Johnson gives an head on introduction to Spring 2

Rob Harrop and Juergen Hoeller on Spring 2(From Infoq Sep 29, 2006)
Spring core developers Rob Harrob and Juergen Hoeller talk about what, why, and how of the new features in Spring 2, including XML configuration, custom tags, AspectJ integration, and migrationg to Spring 2. The interview also discusses how to use Spring on large scale projects, common pitfalls with using Spring, and Spring MVC vs. other frameworks. Recorded at the Javapolis conference.

- Spring Update: What's New and Cool in Spring 2.0 - by Rod johnson (from Theserverside)
Spring founder Rod Johnson discusses new features in Spring 2.0. In particular, Johnson focuses on the introduction of extensible XML configuration and significant enhancements to Spring AOP.


- Spring Framework Forum (official)

Other Spring Resources

- The Confluence Wiki Dashboard holds a number of Spring-related pages.
The spring company for training support and consulatation. Almost all the Spring lead architects are part of this company.
the spring experience