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FAQ's about JavaTouch site

Q:  Is JavaTouch manage by an organization or an individual?
A:  JavaTouch is manage by an individual professional and it is not linked to an organization or company.

Q:  How was the inception of JavaTouch?
A:  It all started as couple dozen of favorites/bookmarks links in my browser. I thought they are too good to be kept with me and thought of sharing with my fellow java colleagues and ever cool and friendly Java community.

Q:  Why JavaTouch is in GooglePages, rather than a full pledge domain and a server.
A:  Java itself is heading towards open source, so why not Java resource site like JavaTouch exist in a free server like GooglePages :-)

Q:  Why JavaTouch has only a selected number of articles/tutorials published?
A:  If there is quality and complete article/tutorial available I am not going to reinvent the wheel. I will simply link from my main resource (topic) page. However, if I found something is missing in the net, then only I develop the content and add at JavaTouch.

Q:  Earlier this site contained lots of literature, poems etc. Why are they lacking now?
A:  Yes, the Mission of the JavaTouch is "Technocracy with Humanity". So there were so much of quotes, poems and stories were in the pages. However, now I am refining and controlling the amount of non technical contents, because all these non technical contents evolved into a separate web site itself. Its now hosted at . However I am continuing adding short poems and quotes in the pages without interfering the technical contents. By the way the mother earth need good humans not mere good designers and programmers alone.

Q:  I have comments (praise or beat) about JavaTouch. How can I contact you?

A:  Kindly shoot a mail to or you may use the JavaTouch Goggle Group for your says.