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In software engineering, the programming paradigms of aspect-oriented programming (AOP) attempts to aid programmers in the separation of concerns, specifically cross-cutting concerns, as an advance in modularization.



Tech Talks and Presentations

- Adrian Colyer on Domain Specific Aspects (April 2007,InfoQ)
AspectJ lead and AOP expert Adrian Colyer briefly discusses Domain Specific Aspects, using AOP to implement design patterns such as Observer/Observable, and AOP adoption. Watch.. 

- Rod Johnson: Are we there yet? (May 2007, InfoQ)
Rod Johnson discusses some of the challenges that still faces enterprise Java development, and the technical innovations needed to address.

- AOP Refactoring with Ramnivas Laddad (April 2007, InfoQ)
Ramnivas Laddad on using Aspects for refactoring cross-cutting concerns within classes to reduce boiler plate code and potential for mistakes, resource management and concurrency control. Watch..

- Laddad on AOP Design, Modelling, and Policy Enforcement (April 2007,InfoQ)

Ramnivas Laddad talks about domain aspects, how to design and model with aspects, how to enforce policies with aspects, how he used aspects to diagnose problems in production. Watch..

- Programming: Radical Research in Modularity