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AspectJ is a seamless aspect-oriented extension to the Javatm programming language which is easy to learn and use. AspectJ is open source framework under Eclipse foundation.

AspectJ enables clean modularization of crosscutting concerns, such as error checking and handling, synchronization, context-sensitive behavior, performance optimizations, monitoring and logging, debugging support, and multi-object protocols.

The AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) project provides Eclipse platform based tool support for AOSD with AspectJ. Our goal is to deliver a user experience that is consistent with the Java Development Tools (JDT) when working with AspectJ projects and resources. This will be accomplished by developing an integration layer between the AspectJ Development Environment Framework and Eclipse/JDT extension points.

- AspectJ Project Home at Eclipse
- AspectJ Project Documentation Home
- AJDT: AspectJ Development Tools for Eclipse
- Getting started with AJDT


JavaTouch Recommended Study Path into AspectJ

1. Read JavaTouch Tutorial on Introduction to AOP 

2. Have a look at couple of demoes in AJDT: AspectJ Development Tools Demoes Home. At least you should have a look at Hello World Demo there. It will give you some look and feel of how AJDT can be used in AOP programming using AspectJ.

3. Now would be the perfect time to try it out for yourself! If you're not already running Eclipse, install that first (go for the latest stable release). Then visit the AJDT downloads page and pick the most recent stable release that matches the version of Eclipse you have. It's vital you get a matching versions, so check the information carefully. You can install AJDT either by getting the zip file and unzipping it into your eclipse directory, or (and probably easier) you can use the URL listed on the download page in the Eclipse Update Manager. You can access this via Help > Software Updates > Find And Install...

4.  Read and follow the AJDT HelloWord Tutorial to familiar with AJDT environment. 
[This tutorial is also found in Eclipse Help under AspectJ. Launch your Eclipse and go to Eclipse Help (Help => Help Contents)and follow the steps in AspectJ basic tutorial (AspectJ Development User Guide => Getting Started => Basic Tutorial) to develop and build your first (HellowWorld) AspctJ programme. ]

5. Read The AspectJ Programming Guide


Tutorials and Articles

- JavaTouch Tutorial on Introduction to AOP
- The AspectJ Programming Guide (Official from AspectJ)
The AspectJTM 5 Development Kit Developer's Notebook


- AJDT: AspectJ Development Tools Demoes Home
- Introducing AJDT: The AspectJ Development Tools (Eclipse Corner, October 2006)
- Making AspectJ development easier with AJDT (InfoQ, November 2006)