A. Requirements

When a customer of Hillside Restaurant fills out a form to make a reservation, your code will check that the fields on the form have the appropriate type of data in them. If there is a problem with the data that the customer has entered, your code must give an error message that points clearly to the problem and allows the customer to try again. The valid data in the problem-free fields must be maintained so that the customer doesn't have to re-enter the valid data. To reiterate the information from the director, the fields that must be included on the form are the following:

• name of customer

• time and date of reservation

• number in their party

• phone number

• email address for confirmation

Once the data in the form has been validated, your code will send an email to: 
That email message must contain all the information in the form, with the field names clearly marked.

Perform regression testing to make sure that the addition of this feature doesn't disrupt or break any of the other features of the Hillside Restaurant site.


1) The URL of the home page where the client can confirm that visitors are able to make a reservation that results in an email to the restaurant.

2) Updated Team Schedule