A. Requirements


1) Team Contract, signed by each team member.
2) Team Schedule (see attachment) - all filled in except the starred fields. 

Action Plan:

Hold a team planning meeting with the following agenda:

i. Analyze your team members' skills.

ii. Define and assign roles (e.g. manager, time keeper, recorder, presenter, contributor, researcher.)

iii. Decide on a method for team communication and the sharing of files.

iv. Create the first draft of the team schedule (see attached.)  

v. Be aware that to receive full credit, you must use all of your team's resources in all of the deliverables.

vi. Think of things that might go wrong and agree on what the team will do to recover.

vii. Find a convenient time and location for team meetings.

viii. Write a team contract, and have each team member commit to it by signing it (this can be done by typing your name at the bottom indicating agreement if working online.) This contract delineates good team member behavior with regard to things like attendance at meetings, response to requests, meeting of deadlines, and review of other team members' work.

Tip for Success:
In all team meetings, enforce a 2 minute rule where noone can talk for more then 2 minutes at a time.
Elaine Haight,
Jul 18, 2012, 1:36 PM