Task 1 - Organize Your Team

From: Director of Web Development
Subject: Time to Plan!

I know everyone is anxious to start work on the project, but first you have to organize your team and agree on a plan for success. Experience has shown that if you know the details of the product you are developing, and if you get your team functioning properly at the beginning, then you will be on schedule during the whole project. This first week is also critical in order for your team to learn about and take advantage of the skills of each team member, which is required for a team's success.

Teams only work if everyone does their part, but what exactly does that mean? Collaboratively write a contract for your team to decide on how you will work together to deliver the project. Much of your bonus $$$ will depend on how you - as an individual - meet this contract, or deliver on your commitments, during this project.

How is your team going to meet every one of the deadlines and submit  quality work over the next few weeks? Everyone needs to know what is expected of them and especially when. It is up to the team to decide what schedule will include time for early submittal for the team's review. BEFORE your team submits any work to your director, the work must be reviewed/critiqued/edited by team members.

Your team's first step is to define key roles, decide who will fill them, and agree on rules of communication, logistics and your project schedule. The Requirements listed on the following page will lead your through this process.

Keep in mind that at the end of the project, your team will be eligible for a bonus. If your team receives the bonus, you will be asked as an individual to advise me on how to divide the bonus among the team members.