Hillside Restaurant Website

From: Director of Web Development
Subject: Your First Project

Welcome to the web development team here at Team JS. In the next month your team will be organizing itself and adding features that make the website for Hillside Restaurant more interactive; a static website for Hillside Restaurant was previous developed by Team JS.

At Team JS, teams are highly collaborative so that all of the developers know how all of the code works. To this end, tasks are assigned to pairs of developers and all code written by one developer is always reviewed by at least one other developer on the team.

In order for your team to function effectively, during the first week you must agree on some ground rules and make a schedule. During this first week your team will also decide how much new functionality you can add to the static website with your current resources and within the given time schedule. 

The rest of your time on this project will be spent adding exciting new features to the Hillside Restaurant website!